Here are a just a few pictures of the extensive renovation works that took place.



Two (before) pictures from the original sales brochure.

The apartment hadn’t been updated that much from the 1980’s but had the potential to be a stunning space. Originally it had a partitioned kitchen with a narrow dining area. It was our vision that it would make a huge and amazing open-plan lounge.

Top floor renovation

Strip everything to the bare-bone! Think of what to do with the artex ceilings and nice lighting!

Kitchen Area

Kitchen partitions removed. Time for a new kitchen plan. With such a large are to play with an island is a must! We also have a loft space above so we decided place the hob on the island because we could easily mount the extractor on the ceiling and vent through the loft.


Careful planning went in to positioning the downlights in the right pattern for each area of the room. All of which will be controlled by the Lutron lighting system.

The Ceiling

It took four plasterers (one on stilts!) to finish the 740 sq ft ceiling but they were highly professional and did a magnificent job.

The Kitchen

Time to fit a new, state of the art kitchen.

Erm . . where there’s a will there’s a way

The planner and stone mason had mis-calculated the size and weight of the island granite slab (2.1m x 1.2m and 400kg). Time for some quick thinking. The balcony came out and scaffolding and a hoist were erected. “I told you that it can be done!!”

Bathrooms . . .

Everything stripped down and replanned

En-suite before . . .

. . . And after

Main Bathroom before . . .

Flooring . . .

Laying that incredibly beautiful oak flooring and staircase cladding. Once it was sanded it was then finished with two coats of satin lacquer.